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The Phoebe Measurement Process

Budgeting for "People"

Be Intentional

What are you curious about and why does it matter? Targeted insights lead to targeted actions.

Measure with Ease

Measure what matters with market-tested, proprietary, diagnostic tools. Administer easily through our user-friendly and flexible platform.

Achieve Insight

Rapidly analyze and visualize results to understand the data and pinpoint opportunities for change.

Take Action

Craft customized action plans that drive accountability and business results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoebe Insights

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have
What is Phoebe's tech stack?
Our stack is .Net running in, and leveraging, Amazon Web Services.
Does Phoebe provide content or can I bring my own?
Yes! We have libraries of expert-developed content we can leverage based on your measurement needs. We can also customize content or use your existing content. We love to explore and will help you design a great and targeted survey!
What languages do you support?
We have the capability to translate and host survey content in any language.
What data do you need from us to get started on a survey?
The only data we need from you is a list of participants which can be uploaded into the Phoebe Insights platform. The list should be in a .xls or .csv format and contain the email addresses of recipients.
What are your Models for Employee Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion?
This is where we believe we truly differentiate ourselves from the rest. We use the latest research and data to better identify the drivers for employee engagement and create a culture that embraces diversity & inclusion. Our proprietary models are built off our extensive research and used to help you clearly understand your strengths and areas for improvement.
How much is it for us to use Phoebe Insights?
We have two pricing options for clients. We offer a subscription service to our solutions that allows you to use our library of content and tools. The second option is a managed service solution where we help you design, administer and report your results as an extension of your team. Pricing is determined based on your needs and driven largely by your employee headcount and organization’s complexity.
Do I have to use your surveys? Or can I customize a survey for my organization?
While we have a library of content tailored at specific organizational needs and outcomes, we are happy to customize content to ensure you are measuring with intent. If you would like to create your own surveys or use items from previous surveys, we can support that as well. Phoebe Insights is flexible to meet your needs!
How easy is it for us to add/change participant data?
Super easy! We built Phoebe to be highly flexible and easy to use, particularly in integrating your data into our platform. Give us any data in the prescribed format and we can use it to dig deeper into analysis to find hidden gems of insight.
Can you Integrate with our HRIS?
Yes, depending on your HRIS, we can integrate with a host of solutions in the market including the leading HRIS platforms in use in many of our clients. We simply set up and test the API’s for these platforms and create a real time and dynamic solution for you.
Can your surveys be administered on multiple devices like mobile or desktop?
Yes! Our platform was built to be totally responsive on mobile devices and of course on laptops/desktop computers. Your survey participants will experience the same quality and service regardless of the device they use anywhere in the world.
GDPR and Data Privacy
We believe that you should know how we treat and use your information. That’s the basic purpose behind our Privacy Policy. With the ever-changing global privacy landscape, we are also committed to working with our clients to comply to the best of our ability with well-known privacy and data protection regimes and regulations.
Who is your typical customer?
Our client experience is broad and varied. We have worked with some of the worlds largest companies providing expert support and analysis of client data for years. Some of our best work and enjoyable work tend to be somewhat complex global organizations with an employee population of 2,000-5,000 employees.
How soon should the client expect survey results?
Top line results are usually ready within 24-48 hours after the survey closes. For additional and deeper driver analysis, we typically need a few days to analyze depending on the complexity of the client organization. We are building a client portal with dashboard capabilities for top line dynamic results so our goal is to have them to you immediately. We’re not there yet, but that's on our development board and will come in the future!
How long for deeper cut of full results (for example synthesis including exec summary) by agreed to categories?
Typically 5 days depending on the complexity of the client. For example, cuts that include region/function/driver analysis etc. may take more time to analyze, but we want to work fast and move the client to understanding their data and taking action.