Team Diagnostics

Team Diagnostics

Data Driven Leadership Effectiveness

What should an aspiring leader do to inspire their people?

Your invest a lot of time and effort in identifying and developing your future leaders. Succession planning is a key, strategic activity for most organizations. But is your only way of tracking progress to goals using generic employee assessments? Or worse, is your leader development entirely subjective and based only on manager feedback?

How are our high potential workers doing with their personal development?

Phoebe Insights provides the flexibility and agility to allow you to gather 360-degree data on the development of your future leaders as frequently and as comprehensively as you need.  We’ve developed market-tested tools to quickly gather data to drive leadership development efforts, including the following:

  • Leader Multi-rater
  • Leadership Team Assessment
  • Front-line Leader Development

Are you effectively fostering the development of your next generation of managers and leaders? Are your HiPos matching your expectations? Contact us to help you keep your leadership success planning on track.