Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Phoebe Insights

It starts with a seed, an idea and then pure energy

The folks at Phoebe Insights have been in the organizational development and people space a long time – like decades! We know and understand how behavior influences strategy and results and we are passionate with connecting the two. As a new start up, but yet connected to our long history of organizational and human capital consulting, we created Phoebe Insights.

We’ve been on a journey in creating a new platform to integrate our combined experience measuring human behavior, connecting our insights to pragmatic actions and moving to real, tangible results for our clients.

After lengthy market research and using multiple tools in the market, we became frustrated by both the limitations and the cost of these services and decided to go at it on our own – with our clients’ best interests always at the forefront of all that we do.

Additionally, we saw a need for a set of organizational and individual research tools and services that could be bundled to provide more value to our clients, while also giving you a partner to help you along the way to implement change.

And that’s how Phoebe Insights got started. A technology platform that is easy to administer, deploy, and get results on meaningful employee insights.

Thanks for getting to know the Phoebe Insights team.

How We Help You

Understanding the complex and constantly-changing dynamics of your organization requires agility. Responding to digital-fueled change and transformation impacts processes, skills, and competencies. Strategies—entire industries, in fact—are being disrupted at a pace that is leaving many organizations behind. Change is at the heart of all we think about and all we do on behalf of our clients.

The ability to respond rapidly requires flexibility. One-size-fits-all survey and assessment platforms have limitations – we hate limitations.

Intelligent analytics yield actionable insights, ready to use, off-the-shelf reports, dashboards, and visualizations provide rapid insights. Phoebe analytics allow analysts and decision makers to view data in different ways and envision new solutions to problems. And true analytics platforms never lock your data sources into data collected within the platform…our platform allows for data to come from varied sources in order to drive connections and correlations to actions. 

Actionable organizational and workforce decision-making requires a deep, professional understanding of the psychology of your organization. Our deep expertise in business strategy, I/O psychology and data analysis leads to better results. Plus our professional services and consulting are second to none. 

Phoebe Insights provides an agile and flexible data collection platform, coupled with a true analytics platform in use by enterprises as diverse as AirBnB, Yahoo!, Twitter, and Udemy. And Phoebe Insights is enabled with professional industrial psychology perspectives. All of which leads to the best, most actionable organizational insights available from any platform on the market today.

The result is not just a system that correlates engagement to business performance. The result is an agile and flexible system which allows our clients to gain true organizational insights of any type of data that you can imagine. Here are just some of the ways Phoebe Insights provides organizational insights to you:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Workforce Experience
  • Organizational Culture
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership 360’s
  • Team Effectiveness
  • HR Effectiveness
  • Total Rewards Value
  • Change Readiness/Adoption

Do you have a unique challenge that nobody else is prepared to take on? Then we’d love to hear from you. We specialize in creating custom diagnostics and surveys for clients.

We are explorers and love the challenge of new discoveries.

Our Values

You Are at the Heart of All We Do

Just as we do in our individual lives, the Phoebe Insights team places the highest priority on our organization’s core values. They are the foundation to passionately serve you and define the high-quality business partnership experience we strive to provide.

To ensure that we serve you and your organization admirably, we make an ongoing commitment to:

  • Build relationships with your team based on a solid foundation of trust
  • Always put your interests first
  • Serve you with complete honesty and integrity
  • Foster a culture of camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty with your team and our associates
  • Be transparent in our communications — presented with candor and grace

Let us know about your organizational insights challenges. Contact Phoebe today.

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